Indoor air services and analyses

Work done correctly benefits everyone!

We have completed work in, for example, the regions of Satakunta and Pirkanmaa, and we have also received contacts and interest on the national scale. Several times, we have carried out challenging work on emptying dwellings of movable property containing various kinds of harmful substances. This requires expert personnel, who empty the dwelling or space and disinfect it, if necessary.

We react quickly: we can act on an order as soon as the following day. In fact, our strengths include speed, the high quality of work, cost-efficiency, and providing information about the project, which means that our customers are aware of the progress and find out the estimated time of completion for the work quickly.

We have been responsible for the following aspects of work: initial meetings, instructions and guidance, coordination planning for the users of the premises, logistics and the party maintaining the premises, scheduling, cleaning and returning the products to a reception station.

Cooperation with logistics has gone smoothly.

We have experience in asbestos and harmful substance analyses from hundreds of different sites.

We also have experience in indoor air and moisture analyses from dozens or even hundreds of sites. The size of the project depends on the site.

Our services are guaranteed by a strong and extensive expertise.

We can also carry out air tightness measurements of buildings, thermal imaging, measurements of dust in the air, statutory comprehensive asbestos surveys and sampling of asbestos materials and harmful substances, as well as other structural analyses.

Analyses of ventilation technology: ventilation surveys, recording images of ventilation, ventilation balancing and adjustment.

Irtaimiston mikrobipuhdistus

Microbe cleaning of movable property

Our work also includes many more aspects than just those mentioned below, and we always carry out the work based on the site’s need, not as a mass job. Usually extensive or otherwise comprehensive surveys have been carried out at the site; an initial working method for the site with measures can be determined according to them.

The work can involve cleaning of movable property at large or small sites. We have enough resources for large operations, and we work with both large and small cases.

Our trained expert personnel are an extremely important factor in the work to ensure that the movable property has been cleaned correctly, carefully and according to instructions. This also makes it possible to avoid potential further damage.

Our cooperation with logistics guarantees a comprehensive service from the start of the project to the finish.

Examples of items to be cleaned can be found below.

There are no silly questions – our professionals give instructions and methods that are exactly right for your item.

  • Normal movable property and hard furniture
  • Sofas and other porous items
  • Washable items, such as curtains, tablecloths and other textiles
  • Archives, books and other types of non-fiction, etc.
  • Computers, televisions, printers and other electronics


We have specially designed sections where we can clean movable property carefully and in a controlled manner.

The cleaning can be carried out thoroughly, safely and with high quality.

The partitioned, specially designed facilities guarantee that every work phase in the production/project has been planned and carried out carefully.

Before a product arrives on our premises, an area is reserved for them along with specifically designed measures, because every project has its own special issues that must be taken into account.

Below, we have summarised some of the procedures carried out on movable property.

Our facilities are carefully partitioned and monitored. Due to trade secrets, we cannot reveal everything, but we have several different sections.

All of our sections also have specially designed ventilation, cleaners for ventilation and other separate units that always guarantee high product quality in clean spaces throughout production.

  • Storage of dirty products and storage of clean products
  • Operating areas for mechanical cleaning; there are several different areas from handwork phases to mechanical cleaning and automation.
  • Clean areas for product management, where products are packaged and sent to the customers and where quality control is carried out. Mechanical deodorisation can also be used in our separate areas, if necessary.
  • Separate deodorisation rooms, where targeted deodorisation of specific odours can be carried out on individual items.
  • In monitoring clean material packages, we always ensure that clean materials are used in packaging clean products.

The project may now seem long and difficult, but when done by professionals, it is anything but. The line and partitioning we have designed and created works well from start to finish and ensures high quality.

There is a separate classification system for each site and its movable property. The system consists of five steps, where the categories of the classification have 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 steps. This classification method allows us to estimate the site category, which in turn determines what actions should be or must be taken on the products in order to ensure that our production process is ready to receive the product.

Work done correctly benefits everyone.

Cleaning is not so very expensive and assessment is worth it because most items can always be cleaned safely.


If the prerequisites exist at the site, and the previous, more specific indoor air/other analyses confirm it, it may also be possible to carry out separate cleaning of movable property on site by partitioning the work site’s areas, establishing negative pressure and placing separate cleaning units there.

The correct operating models for the unit and the space are always selected from these working methods.

Asbesti- ja haitta-ainetutkimukset

Asbestos and harmful substance analyses and measurements of dust in the air

The report related to the work is always delivered after the work and analyses, along with recommendations for measures and analysis statements.

  • Comprehensive, statutory asbestos studies for whole buildings and properties before starting, for example, pipe renovation or planning other major projects. The request for a quotation is attached to the documents.
  • Our trained personnel guarantee a survey of high quality, to which different aspects can be added based on the work order, such as separate harmful substance analyses. The survey also includes all other observations, such as notes on structures due to possible moisture damage, and the measures or additional studies recommended for them.
  • Separate aspects of the asbestos survey may also include a targeted asbestos survey on a separate area, or separate sampling of specific points. Samples of specific points can be taken, for example when potential asbestos material is found while opening structures. In that case, we take a sample of the material, have it examined in a laboratory, and draw up a report with recommendations for actions after the analysis. We report the results and recommendations for actions in person in order to avoid the possibility of waiting periods or work coming to a standstill. This method allows us to guarantee that the project progresses as flexibly and quickly as possible.
  • Statutory measurements of dust in the air and monitoring the filtering capacity of equipment filters are an important part of our service. We carry out high-quality measurements of respiratory protective devices and the asbestos content in working areas during work, as well as measurements of the filtered air from the working area, with the related reports.
  • The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) requires companies authorised to carry out asbestos renovation to submit reports on regular measurements of the personnel, the working area and the filtered area and their results. Here we offer a reliable service.
  • We also take measurements on asbestos materials that have been demolished after the work is done, as well as aggressive measurements of dust in the air related to ensuring the cleanliness of the working area after the asbestos renovation is finished. We measure the asbestos fibre content of the area with our separate equipment for the measurement of dust in the air, and we deliver the samples for analysis. This allows us to ensure that the space no longer has any asbestos fibres, meaning that it is safe to work on the premises after the asbestos renovation. In some cases, the limit values defined by law may still have been exceeded, in which case we quickly offer recommendations for actions. This makes it possible to get the premises up to the specified level, allowing a return to the normal use of the premises.
  • We carry out other measurements of dust in the air such as determining the mineral fibre content and other measurements according to the customer’s wishes.
    Special cleaning


Fieldwork and special cleaning

  • Deodorisation of interiors: strong spices, tobacco smoke, cat urine, etc.
  • Cleaning the interiors of cars, boats and other vehicles: e.g. spilled milk and other products
  • Individual pieces of movable property: sofas, textiles, chairs, rugs and carpets, etc.
  • Work and cleaning in connection with a death: The most difficult and demanding type of work to be carried out.
  • Clearing dwellings after an eviction: Disposal of movable property, cleaning, disinfection and deodorisation
  • Sewer work: e.g. in connection with flooding from a sewer, the bacteria levels may be extremely high, requiring special expertise and careful cleaning.
  • Cleaning and intensive cleaning after construction and renovation work. Site cleaning, if necessary. This section mainly concerns intensive cleaning after the traditional site cleaning; it ensures that all materials such as plaster dust can be found and removed from the space, including holes and flat surfaces. This may require several treatments, and it is always carried out in a negative pressure enclosure, with a limited and controlled working area.
  • Mould removal, mould cleaning and other work on mould, as well as the related spraying of chemicals
  • Mould dust cleaning
  • Water damage renovation
  • Opening and repairing structures
  • Demolition work
  • Ozonisation
  • Ionisation
  • Drying of structures
  • Ventilation cleaning
  • Ventilation repairs
  • Opening ventilation blockages
  • Ventilation pipes
  • Renovation services

Our equipment includes:

  • Dust control equipment with HEPA H13–H14 filters
  • Class M and H vacuum cleaners as well as negative pressure equipment
  • Drying fans
  • Duct fans
  • Electric heaters
  • Immersion pumps
  • Wet vacuum cleaners
  • Battery-operated hand tools
  • Emergency power supply for times without electricity
  • Air purifiers
  • Cylinder drilling equipment

Rakenneavaukset ja purkutyöt

Opening structures and demolition

  • Small-scale demolition and opening of structures with dust-free renovation methods, for purposes such as demolition and opening of structures in connection with water damage surveys at water damage sites, the related drying installations, and other necessary measures.


Structural moisture measurements and other analyses

  • Structural moisture measurements with surface moisture measurement, and if the situation requires, bore hole measurements. We can reach small holes and confined structures using a video endoscope, which allows us to see the acute and current situation on our research equipment display and provides us with video and/or image material as attachments to our reports. A video endoscope is particularly suitable for narrow vent lines and sewers, etc.
  • Water damage surveys
  • Condition surveys
  • Safety coordination
  • Worksite monitoring: Hazardous substances
  • Various types of extensive measurements of dust in the air: The composition of dust through measurement of the air, safety measurements of respiratory protective devices
  • Occupational hygiene measurements
  • Differential pressure measurements

Available measuring equipment, such as:

  • Video endoscope
  • Gann surface moisture indicators
  • Equipment for the measurement of dust in the air for measuring respiratory protective devices and small spaces
  • Equipment for the measurement of dust in the air for measuring large spaces

Prevention of further damage

Fire, water or sewer damage, etc. rarely gives advance warning, which means that it is very important to get help fast in the situation. By working quickly, it is possible to prevent odour problems, stress due to moisture, the spreading of possible bacterial populations and occurrence of further damage.

Our emergency power supplies, such as generator units and the separate lamps connected to them, often help with carrying out the work, if there is no electricity available. We can help the situation with an external power source until the electricity comes back.

Immersion pumps, wet vacuum cleaners and our other equipment starting from duct fans are key to the prevention of further damage. For example, the output of a duct fan is 2,500 m3 per hour. It is very efficient in removing combustion gases and other impurities from the air.