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Work done correctly benefits everyone!

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Indoor air services and analyses

Work done correctly benefits everyone!

We offer a wide scale of services for your own home as well as the company’s premises, warehouses, etc. We carry out the following with professional skill:


  • Statutory comprehensive asbestos and harmful substance surveys, measurements of dust in the air, sampling and other structural analyses and the related reporting
  • Consulting and instruction procedures and other coordination services
  • Water damage surveys and condition surveys
  • Safety coordination
  • Worksite monitoring: Hazardous substances
  • Various types of extensive measurements of dust in the air: The composition of dust through measurement of the air, safety measurements of respiratory protective devices
  • Occupational hygiene measurements
  • Differential pressure measurements

Fieldwork and special cleaning

  • Microbe cleaning and cleaning of movable property, cleaning of individual pieces of furniture
  • Deodorisation and disinfection
  • Cleaning after a death and other related work
  • Disinfecting rooms and cleaning premises
  • Intensive cleaning after construction site cleaning
  • Cleaning separate, limited units and microbe cleaning of individual rooms
  • Mould dust cleaning
  • Water damage renovation
  • Opening and repairing structures
  • Demolition work
  • Ozonisation
  • Ionisation
  • Mechanical textile washing and other types of mechanical washing in work related to cleaning movable property

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Our operations are focused on the region of Pirkanmaa/Western Finland, but we also provide project-specific services nationally. Our services are guaranteed by a large group of experts, and we can offer our services with the help of logistics on a turnkey principle.

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