Never underestimate the problem

The problem should not be underestimated, because microbes or material
emissions, such as volatile organic compounds, are harmful to your health. It is important that property owners, users and staff remain healthy in addition to maintaining the value of the property. The work handled by professionals helps you to save a lot. ASB-Certified researchers and a sturdy expertise ensure highquality research and reports.

We always use classified vacuum suction units, vacuum cleaners and other dust
control equipment, all of which have at least Hepa H13 filters. As an example, our suction units are classified as M/H series class gauges. We perform special cleanings in under pressure rooms and, if needed, we divide different areas into different sections with dust control. This way clean and dirty sections are kept separate from each other, so that the work is safe to perform. First, we do inspection and based on that we remove all the possible obstacles.

Correctly done work benefits everyone!


We work all around Finland!

Our quality and risk management system is one of a kind in Finland – read more hereWe are an authorised mould cleaning company and we belong to the Mould cleaning union.

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