Indoor air services and research

We can do measurements of building’s air tightness, thermal camera filming, air dust measurements, as well as statutory comprehensive asbestos surveys, taking samples of materials containing asbestos and other hazardous elements and other research. We have hundreds of experiences of working with asbestos and other hazardous materials from different areas. We perform removals of different types of harmful substances in your apartments. In this case, with the help of our group of experts, we will empty the area, clean it and disinfect, if needed.

Air conditioning research: air condition surveys, air condition filming, balancing and adjustment of air conditioning.

Our reaction is fast: we can start the work next day after the order. Our strengths are speed, quality of work, efficiency and we provide information about the project, so that our customers have an idea of what is happening and can quickly know the estimate time when the project will be finished.

Our projects include: start-up meetings, instructions and tutorials, co-ordination plans for users of the premises, logistics and management, scheduling, cleaning operations and return of the items safely to the reception point.

Research of asbestos and hazardous materials

After the work is done we deliver work-related report including necessary procedures that must be done and also a material analysis report. Statutory asbestos surveys for the whole building for example before pipe or other bigger renovation. Offer will be attached to the documents. Our educated staff guarantees high quality service. Also we can provide with with other types of research. For example, it may be analyses of other hazardous materials. Also, it’s important to mention that during the inspection of a building it is possible to find other problems, such as water damage on building materials. After that we will provide renewal guidelines or other possible analyses.

Asbestos survey can be done just to a separate part of the building. Separate material analysis can be done during opening structures, e.g., if you have found material, which has a chance of containing asbestos. In this case we take a sample of the material, analyse it in a lab and then write a report on it with further guidelines on what to do next. We will report the outcome of this analysis straight away to avoid unnecessary pauses in a project. With these procedures we can guarantee that the project will be running quickly and smoothly.

Statutory measures of the dust in the air and control the equipments’ filters is an important part of our services as well. We perform respiratory protection measurements to make sure that the air inside the worker’s mask is clean. Also we control the filtered air measurements during works with asbestos. They are required by AVI (Regional State Administrative Agency) to be done regularly.

Clean air measurements will be done after all the asbestos removal works are finished just to make sure, that the air in the working area is clean and there is no asbestos left in the air. In some cases, it may be possible to exceed the limits set by the law and then we will quickly give you recommendations for further actions. After this the premises will reach the required level and then they can be used as usual.

Other air dust measurements, such as mineral fiber determinations, we will do upon the customer’s request.

Material humidity and other research

If necessary, we provide constructional humidity measurements. To small places we can use our drainpipe camera, suitable to the air condition systems too, which can fit through small holes. We will film or take a picture of the problematic area and it will be added to the report as well.

• Water damage surveys
• Building condition research
• Safety coordination
• Work supervision: hazardous materials
• Wide range of measurements of dust in the air
• Occupational hygienic measurements
• Pressure difference measurements

Available measurement equipment:

• Video endoscope
• Gann surface indicators
• Devices measuring the level of dust in the air for small and big premises

Opening of constructions and demolition works

Small construction works and opening of constructions using dustless working method can be done for example during water damage renovations.