Microbe cleaning of movable property

Our work includes much more than mentioned below and we perform work according to the needs of our customers. Usually there have been made some research at the site before the cleaning process begins. This determines how to proceed with further actions. We arrange microbe cleaning of small and big movable property and we always have enough resources to operate. We will take care of transportation, pick up, returns, movings, etc. The average cleaning movable property includes:

• Normal movable property and hard furniture (kitchen tables, shelves, etc.)
• Sofas and other porous materials (assessed according to risk rating of a material)
• Washable items, such as curtains, linens and other textiles
• Archives, books and other literature
• Computers, TVs, printers and other electronic devices
• Heavy machinery (equipment and vehicles)

Cleanings at our premises

We have specially designed sections in which we can perform accurate and safe cleaning of a furniture with the best quality results. This way we are sure, that every stage of the work is carefully planned and completed. Also, all the areas have specially designed ventilation systems and air cleaners, which always guarantee clean results.

• Storage of clean and dirty products.
• Separate areas for manual and mechanical cleaning.
• Controlling areas for clean products in which they are packed and shipped to the customers. If necessary, we can provide mechanical deodorisation as well.
• We also pay attention that all the clean products are packed with clean materials.
• Separate rooms in which we can perform a scent removal from various product.

Every working area and every movable property has a separate classification system. The system consists of stages from 1 to 5. With this method we can estimate the category of an item, which determines what should be done with it, so that we are ready to receive this product. Cleaning is not that expensive and it is highly recommended to be done, because the most of the products is possible to safely clean.

Cleanings at the customer’s premises

If the customer’s premises match the qualifications and there have been done some previous research to prove it, we can perform the cleaning process right there. We can separate the working area and secure it by using the under pressure devices and air cleaning units. To match the premises’ needs we will choose the correct procedure from different methods to be used.

Fieldworks and special cleanings

• Scent removal from indoors: strong spices, cigarette smoke, pet urine, etc. Cleaning of cars, boats and other vehicles e.g. from the spilled milk and other products.
• Ozonation and ionisation
• Mould dust cleaning
• Mould removal, cleaning and related chemical sprayings
• Water damage repairs
• Separate movable property: sofas, textiles, chairs, carpets, etc.
• Sewer works: e.g. when the drainpipe is flooded the level of bacteria is high and it demands special expertise and precise cleaning.
• After death cleanings: more challenging to perform
• Cleaning after eviction: disposal of the furniture, cleaning, disinfection and scent removal
• Cleaning after construction and renovation works. This section mainly deals with cleaning after the traditional cleaning, that all the dust will be taken away from every single corner and hole. It may take several times and it’s always done with under pressure devices
• Opening and fixing of constructions and demolition works
• Structural drying, repairs, pipe blockage openings and pipings
• Construction renovation services

We use the best available equipment.