Authorization group of damage control companies (VAR) has given an authorization to Mikrobitekniikka Oy. Authorization applies to post-damage control and performance of drying services. The organization has a permit to use a title: An authorized damage control contractor (AVU).

JK Mikrobitekniikka’s aim is to provide everyone with hight quality indoor air!

Our quality system covers mould dust, dust, fiber, microbe cleaning, as well as cleaning of a movable property and dust-free renovation. In some of our operations, we always follow existing RT card recommendations. We also raise even higher level in equipment technology. We always use the highest rated equipment to guarantee the results of the highest quality.

The quality system also places particular emphasis on personal protection and its levels. The quality system includes RL 1-5 (risk classification levels). The levels of the target defines the correct working methods to be selected. Our staff is certified by the INSTA 800 standard. Personnel certificates for our employees have been awarded at levels 1-4. More information about the INSTA 800 standard can be found here (only in Finnish).

Correctly done work benefits everyone

We always try to apply the newest methods of the research, so that we can provide our customers with easy, quick and high quality service. We are at the industry, where innovations comes on a daily basis and our aim is to always use the best ones of them immediately. This way we can always help others and find solutions in problematic situations and it always pays back.

Our services are guaranteed by professional staff, quick reaction and hight quality performances. We invest in training and well-being on our staff. Each of our employees is trained for the tasks, working environment and our working premises. For us, employees are our company’s most important asset.

Our customers are not just numbers for us, they are people, who have problems with their houses or property, and we always want to help them. Before the actual work, first we arrange a comprehensive survey, so that we can provide our customers with the amount of job to be done. We inform our clients regularly on how the job is proceeding and what comes next. We arrange a final inspection after the job is done to ensure customer’s satisfaction. Each customer is important for us, whether it’s a single item or a larger building complex.

Our partnerships and the organisations we cooperate with are based on a well-built companionship. This way we can easily provide our services even nationwide.

Our partners